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Three final Connolly's Saturday night gigs this season Feb. 13/20/27 at which Bankers and Gangsters CD and T-shirts and Larry Kirwan's novel, Rockin' The Bronx will be available. Tickets on sale night of show or in advance:
Connolly's, 121 W. 45th St. (btwn B'way & th Ave) NYC
(doors open 9pm. Band onstage 10:30pm sharp)

To facilitate those who cannot attend, Bankers and Gangsters CD and T-Shirt are now available at SHOP at while pre-orders are being taken for the autographed Rockin' The Bronx which will be shipped Tuesday 9th Feb. This is to ensure that our newsletter supporters can get CDs and books long before they become available to the general public.

Thanks to all who voted to make Black 47's Trouble in the Land the Top Irish-American Album of the last decade. For full results go to

St. Patrick's Day, March 17, is fast approaching. Don't miss our All Ages 7pm Post-Parade show at BB Kings, 237 W. 42nd. Street, NYC Doors open 5pm.

Just Announced: RELIEF FOR HAITI: ISLAND PEOPLE SUPPORTING ISLAND PEOPLE - An event presented by: Irish American Writers & Artists, Inc.
Feb 24 7pm to 11pm at Connolly's, 121 W. 45th St. NYC
Musicians: Black 47, Senachai and The Unity Squad, Ashley Davis, Morningstar, Dennis McCarthy & John Walsh of Jameson's Revenge
Writers: Column McCann, Malachy McCourt, T.J, English, Michael Patrick MacDonal, Christine Kenneally, Larry Kirwan



In this big, passionate, colourful novel set in 1980-82, the Bronx is burning, Bobby Sands is dying, John Lennon is being stalked, the Reagan Revolution has begun and AIDS is about to be identified. But life goes on in the immigrant bars of Bainbridge Avenue as Sean arrives from Ireland looking for his girlfriend, Mary, and finds a lot more than he bargained for.

In stores Feb. 23, pre-order now at - autographed copies will ship Feb. 9.

Kirwan, Larry. Rockin' the Bronx. Brandon, dist. by Dufour. Feb. 2010. c.384p. ISBN 978-0-86322-418-8. pap. $19.95. F
"Kirwan's second novel (after Liverpool Fantasy) is a tremendous rock 'n' roll saga. He offers writing about the transformative and curative powers of music and performance that is brilliant on its own, but his lovingly rendered portrait of American and Irish social and political realities in the 1980s is both brutal and magical." - J. Greg Matthews, Library Journal



If you're thinking of coming to Ireland with Larry Kirwan between July 7-12, 2010 now is a good time to get in touch with our travel agents Hammond Tours who will answer all your questions. The trip is suitable for all ages and is ideal for those going alone or for the first time. It's also a nice high school/college graduation gift and will take in the historical/literary/political/musical sides of Ireland, oh and perhpas a little partying too. Call John or Michele Hammond at 866-486-8772 for details.
Inquiries to Hammond Tours



"I first met Mike Shinners in Kansas City. Black 47 had a day to kill en route from Denver to Chicago. I received an email from him suggesting a stop in KC.
"Sure," said I. "Just get us a gig."
Lo and behold, not only did he set us up in the Hurricane, a great downtown club, he also handled publicity and much else.
His next email was from Iraq. Turned out our erstwhile promoter was a Lt. Colonel in the 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division..."




Join us at for immediate updates on gigs, rare music tracks and videos, PLUS news of Bankers and Gangsters, the new Black 47 CD.



Performing and reading from his new novel, ROCKIN' THE BRONX. Call for reservations.

Feb11 - Glucksman Ireland House, NYU, NY 212-998-3950

Mar 8 - Barnes & Noble (TriBeCa) 97 Warren Street, NYC

Mar 10- Book Revue, 313 New York Ave., Huntington, NY

Apr 8 Salt Gastro Pub, 109 Hwy 206, Stanhope, NJ 07874

Apr 9 Record Collector, Bordentown, NJ

Apr 10 An Beal Bocht, 445 W. 238 St., Bronx, NY 10463

Apr 21 St. Bonaventure, NY14778

July 11 Wexford Arts Center, Wexford, Ireland


Feb 13 Connolly's, Manhattan, NY
Feb 19 Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ
Feb 20 Connolly's, Manhattan,NY
Feb 24 Haiti Benefit, Connolly's, NY
Feb 26 The Half Door, Hartford, CT
Feb 27 Connolly's, Manhattan, NY
Mar 5 Tupelo Music Hall, Londonderry, NH
Mar 6 TBA
Mar 11 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
Mar 12 College of Staten Island, NY
Mar 13 Shamrock Festival, Washington DC
Mar 14 World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA
Mar 16 Showcase Live, Foxborough, MA
Mar 17 The Black Rose, Boston WFNX (morning show)
Mar 17 BB King's, NY, NY (evening show)
Mar 19 St. Bonaventure University, NY
May 28 Blackthorn Resort, E. Durham, NY
May 29 E. Durham Irish Festival, E. Durham, NY
May 29 Blackthorn Resort, E. Durham, NY
July 23 Greater Hartford Irish Festival, Glastonbury, CT

All Tour Dates & Full Details


The new CD is now available at SHOP and will be on sale at Black 47 and Larry Kirwan gigs - but not in stores until March 2nd. Word on the street is good - we've been playing many of the songs live over the past year. It's a big sounding, self-produced album, recorded at the Carriage House in Stamford, CT. As ever, it encompasses many styles but is perhaps a bit more rock and horn oriented than more recent CDs. Lyrically it covers much ground and time - from a paranoid Red Hugh O'Donnell in 17th Century Spain to the Irish/Jewish diaspora on the Lower East Side, by way of 1960's Hippie West Cork, through black lace and leather 1970's CBGB's to the dance floor present - with many's the stop in between.

It's too early for reviews but Mike Farragher, music editor of The Irish Voice wrote the following on Facebook: "I love what I hear! It is a dizzying mixture of Irish and American influences, Celtic rebellion, domestic heartache, furious reels....Larry and the Boys have made another winner!!! Celtic Rocker, Wedding Reel, and Izzy's Irish Rose will be welcome additions to the set list. NICE JOB!!!!"

"I just got done spinning it for the first time, and I think it might be the best album Black 47 have ever done. I'll do a full review but for now, let's just say I think it's a great disc!" Gary Hill, Music Street Journal

'Bankers and Gangsters reminds us that while Black 47 are the Lords of Celtic rock they are just as much a great rock band. Again, Kirwan celebrates women with his remembrance of 'Rosemary (Nelson)' and I love how he shapes 'Celtic Rocker' as HER moment of self- discovery through Celtic rock. This is one up-beat set of tracks with stories that, of course, make you think while you are dancing the night away. Cheers!" Louise Dunphy, Celtic Crossings WMUA 91.1 FM, Amherst, MA

Black 47's new CD, Bankers and Gangsters, on United for Opportunity Music The title track is already available online at itunes and other outlets or Lyrics, commentaries and chords can be accessed at


The long anticipated new CD and accompanying T-Shirt are now available at:

as a service to those who have stuck with us through thick and thin. The title track is also available for download on iTunes.


Preorder from:

Autographed copies will ship next week. Published Brandon/Dufour Available in all book stores on Feb. 23rd or at Black 47/Larry Kirwan gigs.

"Angela's Ashes for a new generation," says Thomas Keneally (Schindler's List).

"A sixteen wheeler, power-chord boogie of a book, Joseph O'Connor (Star of the Sea).

"Powerful and evocative. This novel serves as an elegy for a lost time and place - the vibrant and chaotic New York City that thrived in the shadows of the Age of Reagan. It is the kind of book that will stay with you long after you put it down." Thomas Kelly (Empire Rising)

A Bronx tale full of raucous life and unvarnished reality. This is the urban American of the 80s in all its raw squalor and splendor. Every page sparkles with memorable characters and lyrical accuracy. Peter Quinn (Banished Children of Eve)

Get your autographed copy today at our SHOP at for $20.

All 12 Black 47/Larry Kirwan CDs PLUS Black 47's 2 DVDs for $160 or all 12 CDs for $140. Euros, Sterling & other foreign currency orders accepted & shipped promptly. Go to the SHOP at

Also at the SHOP a full selection of T-shirts, hoodies, caps.

Now Available at the SHOP: DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of most of the in-print catalogue of Black 47 / Larry Kirwan Albums.

Want to keep up-to-date on Black 47 Gigs? Go to: and find out what we're playing plus reviews of performances. Bob Silkowitz has gathered set lists from as far back as 1992 (including names of songs we've performed but never recorded, and much other information).

Check out the collected lyrics of BANKERS & GANGSTERS along with commentaries by Larry Kirwan; and the chords and lyrics of all Black 47 songs, and covers performed over the years (often with annotated comments from the rehearsal sessions) at Fred Parcells has collated charts of songs that the rest of us can't even remember playing. Go Freddie with the mean memory!!! Windows 95 forever!!! See the chord charts & lyrics of Long Lost Tapes of Hendrix, Izzy's Irish Rose, Celtic Rocker, Rosemary (Nelson), That Summer Dress, Long Hot Summer, Bankers & Gangsters, etc.

***ANYONE who would like to be part of The BLACK 47 Street Team: to put up posters, fliers and get the word out - in return for free admission to gigs and meeting the band, drop a line to:

***Black 47 is looking for some good people to sell our merch during gigs on the road. If you'd like to help out and be part of our team, drop a line to


Check out Larry Kirwan's controversial weekly column on politics, music, literature and life page 5, Irish Echo


Sirius XM

Every Saturday 7-10amET Tuesday 11pm ET show added

Celtic Crush, hosted by Larry Kirwan, can be heard on Saturdays from 7-10am ET at The Spectrum, Ch. 18 on Sirius, Ch. 45 on XM and Ch. 832 DIRECTV and can now be also heard on Tuesdays at 11pm ET

Celtic Crush is available throughout all of the US and Canada. It features music from the 8 Celtic nations and their related cultures.
Hear Larry interview Swell Season, Dolores Riordan, Lisa Hannigan, Hothouse Flowers, Ray Davies, Sinead O'Connor, Steve Earle, Dropkick Murphys Moya Brennan, Flogging Molly, Richard Thompson, LĂșnasa, Bell X1, Damien Dempsey, etc.

Check out the Celtic Crush playlists on Facebook at
siriusxmthespectrum or write to for the Celtic Crush newsletter and playlists.


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