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Black 47 October Newsletter

October Sets The Gypsy Blood Astir

In This Issue
20th Anniversary Connolly's Gigs/IBAM Chicago
Confirmed Gigs/New Facebook Page
IRAQ CD Reviews
Joe Burcaw: Bass Player Sept. 2009
B47 @ Connolly's DVD / Green Suede Shoes
New Dates Added / New Black 47 Blog

Oct 31 IBAM Irish Heritage Center, Chicago IL

Nov 21/28 - Dec 5/12 Connolly's, NYC

Dec 11 Keltic House, Fishkill, NY

*Dec 31 New Year's Eve in Connolly's *

Black 47 will do FOUR Saturdays in Connolly's this fall to commemorate our 20th Year on Nov 21/28 and Dec 5/12. Not to forget our annual Connolly's New Year's Eve Celebration in Times Square. Tickets are now available online for the four Saturdays and New Year's Eve at

And we'll play Halloween Night at IBAM (Irish Books and Music) in a a benefit for the Irish Heritage Center in Chicago on Oct. 31st.
Come along and support the IHC over a great weekend. I'll be reading along with authors such as Malachy & Alphie McCourt, Michael Patrick McDonald, Mary Pat Kelly on Sunday afternoon.
In November 1989, George Bush the Elder was President and the country was in the midst of a recession when Chris Byrne and I played the first Black 47 date in the Bronx. I can't remember the name of the pub except that I heard it was later dynamited. Such were the times. The occasion was a benefit,Bernadette Devlin McAliskey was the featured speaker. We were playing the song Desperate when someone yelled out, "play something Irish." To which I replied in some angst and much befuddlement, "I'm Irish. I wrote it. That makes it Irish." We'll play Desperate and many more Black 47 favorites along with songs from the new album due for release in Feb. I hope you'll join us to celebrate 20 years of blood, sweat, joy, booze, tears and exhilaration at Connolly's in Nov/Dec."


Larry Kirwan will escort a group of people on an historical/literary/political/musical trip in 2010 from July 7th to 12th. Call John Hammond at 866-486-8772 for details. Ideal for high school/college graduation gifts, it will be suitable for all ages, and those making their first visit or traveling alone.

Inquiries to Hammond Tours:


Black 47 New Blog:
"War is just too important to be left to politicians and generals. And yet here we are again, facing escalation of an eight-year battle in Afghanistan while still mired in a six-year Iraqi morass. "
To read more go to The new blog site is interactive - add your comments and stay abreast of Irish issues both in the US and in Ireland.

Black 47 has assumed responsibility for our page at Join us for updates on gigs, rare videos, etc. and news of the new CD.

Larry Kirwan
will give a talk/performance on
The Radical Heart of Irish-American Music
Irish College 2009

Saturday November 7 10 am - 3 pm

The commons
Sacred Heart University
5151 Park Avenue, Fairfield, CT
For Info: The Wild Geese, tel. 203-325-1750 or

Friday, December 4, 2009, 4:30pm
Larry Kirwan

Rock and Read

Fund for Irish Studies Series
James M. Stewart '32 Theater
Princeton, NJ 08542
For info:

Open to public, admission free

Recently Added & Upcoming Gigs

Oct 31 IBAM, Irish Heritage Center, Chicago, IL
Nov 21 Connolly's, Manhattan, NY
Nov 28 Connolly's, Manhattan, NY
Dec 5 Connolly's, Manhattan, NY
Dec 11 Keltic House, Fishkill, NY
Dec 12 Connolly's, Manhattan, NY
Dec 31 Connolly's, Manhattan, NY
Mar 12 College of Staten Island, NY
Mar 13 Shamrock Festival, Washington DC
Mar 14 World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA
Mar 17 BB King's, NY, NY

All Tour Dates & Full Details go to Tour at


The Iraq War has inspired quit a few songs, but you'd be hard-pressed to hear a musical portrait of it as vivid and detailed as Black47's "Iraq." From "Sadr City" to "Battle of Fallujah" the inveterate troupe approaches the defining struggle of our age from all sides. What's surprising is that it took a band of Irish expats to do it.
Doug Wallen, The Hartford Courant

Black 47's new CD, IRAQ, on United for Opportunity Music is available in stores and online at itunes and other outlets including SHOP at or Lyrics can also be accessed at

"Black 47 has long been known as New York City's top Celtic band, but today they very well may have established themselves as the finest NYC-based rock band ever with this stunning and righteous release. Tuneful and enjoyable, with albums as fine as Iraq, this band will tour for decades to come." Good Times

Check out the video for Sunrise on Brooklyn.

Joe Burcaw Featured in September 2009 Issue of Bass Player Magazine!

In-case you missed it, Black 47's very own groove-meister. Joe Burcaw was featured in a full-page article in September 2009's issue of Bass Player Magazine (including a pin-up photo sure to be gracing the bedroom walls of swooning young aspiring bassists world-wide ;-) ).

Read the article in the Bass Player archives here:


in The REEL BOOK Archives here:

Black 47 at Connolly's/New Year's DVD

Times Square is the crossroads of the world, and on New Year's Eve it becomes the eye of the hurricane. Since 1989 Black 47 has played within shouting distance of the dropping ball. We wanted to catch the excitement and the thrill of the various New Years' we've spent in Connolly's of 45th Street. Watch Black 47 rehearse and unveil a new song, New Year's Eve in Olde Tymes Square, and ring in 2007 with classics like Funky Ceili, Green Suede Shoes and Forty Shades of Blue, and the stories and background to many songs.

Green Suede Shoes/An Irish-American Odyssey Memoir

This rock 'n' roll Angela's Ashes begins in County Wexford, Ireland, in the late 1950s, a now unrecognizable, priest-fearing backwater suffocating in superstition and strangled by sexual fevers. After an escape to New York City, Larry finds himself, like a musical Zelig, side by side with the Ramones and Blondie at CBGBs; the brothers McCourt, Lester Bangs, and Nick Tosches at The Bells of Hell; the Guinness soaked regulars of Paddy Reilly's; Cyndi Lauper, Joe Strummer, Rick Ocasek, Neil Young, and Shane McGowan. The shootings at the Academy and the tragic death of soundman Johnny Byrne punctuate the revels and excesses and presage the gloom cast by 9/11 and the loss of Father Mychal Judge and other friends. Green Suede Shoes remembers three decades of a lost New York, and celebrates the music and song in which it now lives.

Get your autographed copy today at our SHOP at for $15.


Autumn Special:
All 11 Black 47/Larry Kirwan CDs PLUS Black 47's 2 DVDs for $150 or all CDs for $130. Euros, Sterling & other foreign currency orders accepted & shipped promptly. Go to the SHOP at

Also at the Shop a full selection of T-shirts, hoodies, caps. The new Black 47 Road Sign T will be available at the end of October.

Now Available at the SHOP: DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of most of the in-print catalogue of Black 47 / Larry Kirwan Albums.

Want to keep up-to-date on Black 47 Gigs? Go to: and find out what we're playing plus reviews of performances. Bob Silkowitz has gathered set lists from as far back as 1992 (including names of songs we've performed but never recorded, and much other information).

Check out the chords and lyrics of all Black 47 songs, and covers performed over the years (often with annotated comments from the rehearsal sessions) at REEL BOOK. Fred Parcells has collated charts of songs that the rest of us can't even remember playing. Go Freddie with the mean memory!!! Windows 95 forever!!! See the chord charts & lyrics of songs we just recorded for the new CD including Long Lost Tapes of Hendrix, Izzy's Irish Rose, Celtic Rocker, Rosemary (Nelson), That Summer Dress, Long Hot Summer, American Tragedy etc.

***ANYONE who would like to be part of The BLACK 47 Street Team: to put up posters, fliers and get the word out - in return for free admission to gigs and meeting the band, drop a line to:

***Black 47 is looking for some good people to sell our merch during gigs on the road.

Check out Larry Kirwan's controversial weekly column on politics, music, literature and life page 5, Irish Echo

CELTIC CRUSH: Sirius XM Satellite Radio

Tuesday 11pm ET show added

Celtic Crush, hosted by Larry Kirwan, can be heard on Saturdays from 9am-noon ET at The Spectrum, Ch. 18 on Sirius, Ch. 45 on XM and Ch. 832 DIRECTV and can now be also heard on Tuesdays at 11pm ET

Celtic Crush is the only Celtic show available throughout all of the US and Canada. It features music from the 8 Celtic nations and their related cultures.
Hear Larry interview Swell Season, Dolores Riordan, Hothouse Flowers, Ray Davies, Sinead O'Connor, Steve Earle, Dropkick Murphys Moya Brennan, Flogging Molly, Richard Thompson, LĂșnasa, Bell X1, Damien Dempsey, etc.

Swell Season Interview this Saturday 24th Oct.
and Lisa Hannigan soon.

Check out facebook page at

Black 47 | 47 Forty Deuce | New York | NY | 10036

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